Sacré Coeur

I would love to travel around the world.  Granted, Asia has been my area of study for the past year, I would also like to visit other places as well.  Since I am mostly French, and know almost nothing of my own heritage or the culture of my ancestors, I would love to visit France (and learn French- I’m kind of a language buff).  Just spending time venturing across Europe would be great, since I also have German, Scottish, Irish, and who knows what else in me.  We have photographs of my great grandparents in Amsterdam, so perhaps I am even Dutch?
My boyfriend’s family moved to America from Thailand, and so I would love to visit sometime.  I think his father would like me to as well, as he always thinks of me when he sees someone that’s not completely Thai on the Thai TV channels.  There’s a young singer who’s half Thai, and whenever she’s on TV, “Yeah, Kristen can sing like that. We’ll teach you Thai and bring you to Thailand”.  There was an artist, his (white American) wife, and their young daughter, on TV this past Sunday, being interviewed.  “Hey, it’s Kristen!”, and “She speaks Thai pretty good”.  I really hope that Witchaya brings me there someday, at least once (and teaches me Thai, I only know a few words and phrases).

I dreamt of fire and I woke up burned.

No, literally.

The pain rooted at the base of my skull decided to migrate down my neck and into my shoulders yesterday.  After four hours pounding and shaping clay, I can’t say I didn’t expect it.

When I went to sleep I took out a heating pad that I didn’t even know was stored in the closet.  Earlier in the evening I had called my mother (nurse mom)  and asked what to do for my achey shoulders, and she had told me to put the pad on medium and sleep with it.
It seemed to work pretty well.
Then I woke up, and instantly noted the pain on my left shoulder blade.  I got up and went into the bathroom, pulled the neck of my shirt down and turned around so my back was to the mirror.  And there it was- a golf ball-sized burn, nice and swollen.

I recalled that in one of the dreams I had last night, I was wrapped in a blanket of fire.  It hadn’t hurt, just felt warm, and I figured it was just because I had something physically heating me as I slept.


You’re how old?

Yesterday I had to bring my mother into the city for a medical procedure.  She would be put under anesthesia, so she would need somebody to drive her home.
When we were checking in, the little old woman behind the desk asked for her name, doctor, and information.  Then she said “And who will be driving you home today?”, pen poised to write down a name and phone number to call when my mom got into recovery.
“My daughter” my mom replied, putting her hands on my shoulders.  A look of shock quickly passed over the woman’s face.
“Oh, I didn’t think she was even old enough to drive!” Yes, I love when people think I’m a middle schooler (don’t miss the sarcastic tone, ladies and gentlemen).  “She’s such a peanut” the woman said, now smiling at me like I was a child who just got a sticker.
Luckily, my mom, knowing that whether or not I look my age is sort of a touchy subject for me, said “Yeah, we actually just got a break on the car insurance since she’s been driving for over three years-  She’ll be twenty soon”.
The woman was all smiles-mcgee.

Seriously, people can never tell my age.

hot feet

Foot in my mouth?
Foot on my shoulder.

When I got into the shower this morning I noticed a pain from the left base of my skull, down through my neck.  This was right after I took 500mg of acetaminophen, which apparently aren’t helping much.
Since I cannot drive my new car yet (the dealer has the title.. awesome) , my mother gave me a ride to campus. I told her (nurse mom) about my pain, and she felt around on my neck.
“Oh, you have a big knot!” and she jammed her fingers into my shoulder.  Feeling around more she noted “You’re all tense” and continued jabbing at me.
Let’s just say it was a painful car ride.

On the way, we stopped at the store to pick up hand warmers for my stepfather to bring snowmobiling.  While we were picking them up, my mom noticed that they had longer warmers, foot warmers, and thought we should try putting one on my shoulder.
So now, an hour later, I’m sitting in the library with a foot-shaped warmer sitting on my shoulder, held in place by my bra strap.  Let’s hope it helps.

I’m writing a story.

Not that I haven’t made the attempt before, but this time I would really like to make a small novel.
Not that I have the confidence that my writing is good enough to be published, but because I love to read and write, and I always have stories in my head.
My parents always told me to write down my dreams if I woke up remembering them. That’s usually where my ideas spawn.
Granted, my dreams are generally convoluted and therefore not something I would write about – but there are a small few that (are lucid and) keep my attention.