hot feet

Foot in my mouth?
Foot on my shoulder.

When I got into the shower this morning I noticed a pain from the left base of my skull, down through my neck.  This was right after I took 500mg of acetaminophen, which apparently aren’t helping much.
Since I cannot drive my new car yet (the dealer has the title.. awesome) , my mother gave me a ride to campus. I told her (nurse mom) about my pain, and she felt around on my neck.
“Oh, you have a big knot!” and she jammed her fingers into my shoulder.  Feeling around more she noted “You’re all tense” and continued jabbing at me.
Let’s just say it was a painful car ride.

On the way, we stopped at the store to pick up hand warmers for my stepfather to bring snowmobiling.  While we were picking them up, my mom noticed that they had longer warmers, foot warmers, and thought we should try putting one on my shoulder.
So now, an hour later, I’m sitting in the library with a foot-shaped warmer sitting on my shoulder, held in place by my bra strap.  Let’s hope it helps.

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