pipe dreams

I would love to be an actress.  It’s one of the most fun careers I can think of.
I mean, I love books.  I love getting to know characters, places, and stories that are not my own.  Reading and writing fiction transports you into another time, place, situation, life, story. Imagine getting to live it out, portraying these characters and bringing their stories to life.  That must just be amazing.
I’ve always had a thing for languages and culture, and how it gives you a feel for how someone else’s life is (so different from your own).  I’ve always wanted to travel, experiencing other cultures and ways of life.  If you are an actor or actress, you get the opportunity to experience different lives.
You also get the opportunity to turn beloved books into movies, and if you’re lucky, it will be one that you are find of.

Real or not real?

“You love me.  Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.”

Somehow, I managed to get my boyfriend to agree to letting me have his tablet for the past week. He had bought and just finished reading the Hunger Games books, and I was dying to get my hands on them.  I read The Hunger Games over the weekend, Catching Fire Monday through Wednesday, and Mockingjay Thursday and Friday.  They were so good!
I wish the story didn’t have to end- I get attached to characters, and finishing a book is so love/hate for me.  Suzanne Collins did such amazing work in creating this story, and I love the characters.  I can only hope that the movies do them justice (and from what I’ve seen and heard, they do).

12:06 am

So I stand at the bottom of my doorstep, having been drawn out of bed by the flashes of light.  At first I thought them to be the flickering of electricity, from one of my neighbors’ lamps perhaps.  This is not the case.  The flashes are varying in intensity, and inconsistent in timing.  Standing here, now, the air is still and the temperature forgettable.  Although there has been both snowfall and seventy-degree weather this week, it is neither warm nor cold.  There are no bugs, no distant cries of coyotes, and there is no wind.  My dog sits at my side, ears perked, his eyes trained at the same point in the sky as mine.  We watch in silence as the hazy flashes burst through the cloud cover.  All is silent, it seems, but if you listen patiently, you can pick up the rolling sound of distant thunder.


The Cab’s Symphony Soldier album has been the main musical inspiration for my story so far.  Click here to view/listen to it on itunes.
I tried to add an mp3 into this post but for some reason the uploader isn’t being very cooperative at the moment, so a link will have to suffice for now.

   『EDIT』I put together a little list of some good lyrics from each track:

I find that there’s always something simple that inspires me to create something.  The Killers’ song White Demon Love Song inspired a series of drawings I did years ago, and a rainy day in the city led me to several paintings (that I SOMEHOW lost. But that’s okay).  The moon, a birdsong, the carved patterns in an old wooden chair, the curls and twists of a vine.  I like these things.  They put ideas in my head, and those ideas don’t sleep until I’ve gotten them out-generally on paper.  

unintentionally neglectful

Kristen’s been MIA for a little bit, eh? わりな。

Well, we’re currently under the attack of an unexpected snowstorm, so right when I got home from the studio yesterday I grabbed a camera(Nikon D3100) and ran outside.
I swear, I thought my fingers were going to fall off.
And my memory card ran out of space (oh ho, Kristen, that’s what you get for being cheap).
But it was nice- what, with this pms‘ing winter weather, I haven’t had a chance to get outside and take any pictures of the snow.   Even though I didn’t get to take many, I still got a few shots that I like.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

In other news, I’ve been researching for my (hopefully . . someday. .) book. I thought of someone that would be perfect to answer some questions, but I lost his e-mail and he’s recently moved to another state (oh..).  I’ve also compiled a list of names that I like (for characters)  and started writing a couple of random scenes that popped into my head.

I envy/admire published authors of fictitious works.  They kind of amaze me, and I hope that I can do what they do someday!