rice-planting in Omura


We planted a rice paddy!
In socks!
Haha- there was so much mud that it made a sucking noise when you took a step, it was great.
And it wasn’t just people from the program that brought me to Japan- we were with a group of kids from two (I think) schools.  It was so much fun.


I am currently in the City of Omura, Nagasaki, and I’m having a really great time!
I’m staying with a host family- so I have a Mama, Papa, imouto (little sister), and otouto (little brother). They’re all really great(and quite young- I’m more like a younger sister than a daughter, which is fun!).  My Mama, Kumi, is such a sweetheart, and she can speak some English, so if there’s a word or something I don’t catch she can explain it to me.  Every night I help her cook, I go shopping with her, and do laundry, etc (I know some people just find those to be chores, but it’s enjoyable for me).  She is always asking if there is something I would like to try or do, so my stay is full of adventures!  Youichi (Papa) is super nice as well- and he works at Canon (aka the best camera-maker EVER).  His english isn’t so good, (as in nonexistent), which is okay- we have been fine with communicating!  I really appreciate everyone’s efforts. My imouto, Hiro, is super cute and sweet- she’s somewhere between 5 and 7 years old, I’m not sure- and she calls me “onee-chan” (big sister) (かわいいね!).  She has been teaching me to make origami cranes (at which I am terrible), and likes to show me her favorite candies so I can try.  My otouto, You-kun (Youdou) is 13 months old, and so precious.  Sometimes he just wants to be held, and so if I’m there he’ll hold his arms out to me.  And he is always hungry!
Last night Kumi took Hiro and I to see ホタル (fireflies).  It was so pretty!  And we went with another family that is hosting my friend Maki.  While we were there, my friend Alex was there with his host family too!  So I got to meet them.  (– I hope he’s not having too much trouble communicating- he doesn’t speak a lick of Japanese).
We are going to perform for our families, so we have been learning a dance routine- it’s a medley of Japanese songs. We will dance to a little kids show’s song, Anpanman Taiso, so all of the kids can sing along, as well as an old fishing dance, and contemporary music such  as Exile and AKB48.  It’s really fun to be learning- I love dancing! It’s tiring when you dance for five hours a day though!
Today (since here it is now 6am) we will be meeting the Mayor and then planting rice in the paddies and going to a school to play with the children. I’ve been told the fields will be dirty work- usually requiring you to throw out your clothes after!  I hope I don’t have to, for I only have a few articles of clothing (I packed light so I could buy gifts for back home)!

Well, I should try and get a half hour more sleep- my jet lag hits me randomly during the day.



(Hiro and Youdou!)