Merry Christmas, 2013

Merry Christmas from sunny St. Pete!

This year I was lucky enough to come down to Florida to spend Christmas with my family, for the first time in I don’t even know how long.
Usually, the holidays are spent with my step-father’s family.

So I guess this vacation, albeit with thorns here and there, is a good one.  I spent my last night in Boston with my lovely roommate, and then we both headed out the next morning.  I headed to the station and caught a bus to New York City- which surprisingly was not the typical hour and a half late; it was only 15 minutes off!.
Preston picked me up at Penn Station and we spent the week at his family’s house on Long Island.  It was so much fun; he has a wonderful family and great friends and I just love going to visit him up there.  I really hate to leave.

But then I caught a bus last week from Penn to farther upstate to my sister’s new apartment.  My mother met us there, and the next morning we headed out bright and early for my other sister’s house in Virginia.  We spent the night there, with her boyfriend and their friend/roommate Steve, and again headed South the next morning (this time, to Florida).

On both legs of our road trip we hit traffic, felt carsick from my mother’s ways behind the wheel, and got irritated at each other for stupid things.  It happens.  We’re a family FULL of women. And we were all squeezed into a Toyota Corolla for hours on end.

Once we got down here, I was dropped off at my Aunt Terri’s (and Uncle Chris & cousin Courtney’s), as I have cat allergies and everyone has cats (hers lives outside).  I really love spending time with them, and I’m g;ad I landed here.  Usually, when we were younger, we would be at my Aunt Vicki’s house, so I’m glad to spend this time with them.