about me.

Hello, I’m Kristen.
I’m twenty three years old, and the owner of a Bachelor’s Degree in Art (Digital, Traditional, Design, & History), with an East Asian Studies (language track) minor, and a focus on photography. The final semester of my five university years was spent in Italy, studying Documentary Photography and (mainly Venetian & Renaissance) Art History.
I’m currently searching for a place to continue my career, looking more closely at creative & gallery work, education, and publishing.  If I could somehow land a job that enables me to work with/back in Japan too- that would be just amazing.
Basically, I want to read and write and edit your writing, take photographs and teach others the wonders of art, and make things pretty.
We’ll see what happens.


I would love to write a novel (.. or seven.. and edit/illustrate yours as well).
I love photography.
I love to draw.
I love to read.
I love the sky.
I speak (..imperfect but enthusiastic!) Japanese.
I hate cilantro.
I love filigree.
I’m a triplet – the only one of which left in the North. And no, we do not communicate with our minds (seriously, you would not believe how often I get asked that question).
I have many languages that I’d like to learn- Chinese & French, for starters.. and Italian now that I’ve had a taste of it..
I eat weird food (as I am lactose intolerant & have Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder disallowing me to consume the protein gluten)- which has led me to enjoy cooking, as it is easiest to make my own meals.
Hot drinks are the best drinks (tea, etc).
Dogs are the alpha-pet/family members.

.. and I’ve probably annoyed you with the amount of trivial information I’ve provided.

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