The Cab’s Symphony Soldier album has been the main musical inspiration for my story so far.  Click here to view/listen to it on itunes.
I tried to add an mp3 into this post but for some reason the uploader isn’t being very cooperative at the moment, so a link will have to suffice for now.

   『EDIT』I put together a little list of some good lyrics from each track:

I find that there’s always something simple that inspires me to create something.  The Killers’ song White Demon Love Song inspired a series of drawings I did years ago, and a rainy day in the city led me to several paintings (that I SOMEHOW lost. But that’s okay).  The moon, a birdsong, the carved patterns in an old wooden chair, the curls and twists of a vine.  I like these things.  They put ideas in my head, and those ideas don’t sleep until I’ve gotten them out-generally on paper.