Rome | Venice 2014

Created by Halloran Murdock– one of my two fine TA’s on the final leg of my undergraduate adventure.


(ps- hey look, it’s me! on the plane at the beginning)

Sacré Coeur

I would love to travel around the world.  Granted, Asia has been my area of study for the past year, I would also like to visit other places as well.  Since I am mostly French, and know almost nothing of my own heritage or the culture of my ancestors, I would love to visit France (and learn French- I’m kind of a language buff).  Just spending time venturing across Europe would be great, since I also have German, Scottish, Irish, and who knows what else in me.  We have photographs of my great grandparents in Amsterdam, so perhaps I am even Dutch?
My boyfriend’s family moved to America from Thailand, and so I would love to visit sometime.  I think his father would like me to as well, as he always thinks of me when he sees someone that’s not completely Thai on the Thai TV channels.  There’s a young singer who’s half Thai, and whenever she’s on TV, “Yeah, Kristen can sing like that. We’ll teach you Thai and bring you to Thailand”.  There was an artist, his (white American) wife, and their young daughter, on TV this past Sunday, being interviewed.  “Hey, it’s Kristen!”, and “She speaks Thai pretty good”.  I really hope that Witchaya brings me there someday, at least once (and teaches me Thai, I only know a few words and phrases).