canis lupus

So last night I had another of my (incredibly numerous) odd/ridiculously detailed dreams.
Have you ever tried to write out your dreams? It’s actually really difficult to put them properly into words (or at least, it is for me!).

Something is happening.
I am running.
I don’t know what led up to this.

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I dreamt of fire and I woke up burned.

No, literally.

The pain rooted at the base of my skull decided to migrate down my neck and into my shoulders yesterday.  After four hours pounding and shaping clay, I can’t say I didn’t expect it.

When I went to sleep I took out a heating pad that I didn’t even know was stored in the closet.  Earlier in the evening I had called my mother (nurse mom)  and asked what to do for my achey shoulders, and she had told me to put the pad on medium and sleep with it.
It seemed to work pretty well.
Then I woke up, and instantly noted the pain on my left shoulder blade.  I got up and went into the bathroom, pulled the neck of my shirt down and turned around so my back was to the mirror.  And there it was- a golf ball-sized burn, nice and swollen.

I recalled that in one of the dreams I had last night, I was wrapped in a blanket of fire.  It hadn’t hurt, just felt warm, and I figured it was just because I had something physically heating me as I slept.