This morning I left my mother’s house at 5:00am to get to the hospital in time for my surgery.
I’ve been in a walking cast for three months now, waiting for a slot to open up for me to get my operation.  At first the doctors noticed stress fractures, and then upon further investigation it was discovered that I had what is called a Stieda’s Process; an extra bone between my tibia and my heel (ankle- right tucked in there by my lower achilles).
Generally, the process is so small that the surgeon can use a scope to go in and shave the bone down.. Mine happened to be quite large, so they had to cut my leg open and cut the bone out.
Let’s just say that it is very painful.
Apparently my bone is bleeding (from where? Exposed marrow?)…
I honestly do not want to see what my leg looks like right now.. Not gonna lie, it hurts wicked bad.

I’ve been taking my oxycodone since I got the prescription filled at around 2:00pm. And I just took a valium about a half an hour ago to stop the leg spasms..  This really is no fun..

I’m praying that I will feel significantly better within the next couple of days- I really hate being away from campus and my homework and people I can get notes from, etc! School is a huge stressor of mine, and being out of classes does not help.